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PHIX is a fast-growing production company that performs micro-assembly for the photonic chip industry. We are a key player for bringing photonic chip technology to the market in areas such as medical devices, automotive (LiDAR), telecom, and quantum computing. As we are transitioning from a startup to a scaleup company, the technology with which we work is maturing and driving up our production volumes. We are continuously on the lookout for new talents to become a part of this success by joining our international and dynamic team in Enschede.

What we do
Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) are chips that operate with light (photons). They are faster and more energy efficient than electronics and enable new disruptive applications. PICs are appearing in the next generation of medical scanners, self-driving vehicles, quantum computers, datacenters, etc. However, a PIC in itself is not a product. The chip needs to be connected to its surroundings by optical fibers, electronics, thermal management solutions and other components, usually in a robust and sealed housing. PHIX performs the design and manufacturing of these PIC-based modules for hundreds of customers, ranging from universities to Silicon Valley tech giants.

Job disciplines
The packaging and assembly of PICs is a multi-disciplinary activity. As you might expect of a company doing optical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical design, plus process development and full-scale production, we employ people with backgrounds in:

• Photonics
• Applied Physics
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Operations / Quality Control
• Technical Sales
• Precision Manufacturing
• + many supporting disciplines

Team members from different backgrounds often work together and will grow their expertise beyond the scope of their education.

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