The program of De Talententuin Twente 2024 will be announced soon. Check out the program of the previous edition below.

Wout Brama

Masterclass and Q&A

During this masterclass, Wout Brama takes you through his life as a professional football player. Wout has been through a lot during his career, he knows better than anyone how to deal with setbacks. He can therefore speak excellently about dealing with setbacks and choosing your own path during your career. Be inspired by his story at De Talententuin Twente and ask your question for Wout during the Q&A.

Ayfer Koç


Ayfer worked in banking and insurance and held various management positions at the municipality of Enschede. She later started a consulting agency for diversity and a training and recruitment agency for young, multicultural talents. Ayfer trained and coached trainees for many years. In 2021, she received The Award of Decade in Innovation and Leadership, an award for inspiring female leadership. From 2010 to 2022 she served as a council member in Enschede, and eight years as group chairman. Now she is actively engaged in fighting poverty, opportunity inequality, leadership, diversity, inclusion and local media. Moreover, she is a columnist.

Not everything in your life can be planned. This is fortunate, otherwise you focus your life too much on the future, achievements and external world, when it can be much more interesting to focus on the present life experience and inside world. You go to school, study and work and if you are lucky, you will also be able to settle down in your own house. During this phase of life not everything goes smoothly or as you would like it to: plans fail, goals are not achieved, people disappoint you or you get sick. How do you deal with these disappointments and setbacks?

In the phase of life when you are just entering the job market, you also have to deal with dilemmas such as: how do you ensure that your work-life balance is maintained and remains attractive for the job market. How do you deal with the pressure from social media?

All these questions will be addressed in the story of Ayfer Koç. Based on her own experience and years of coaching and training young professionals and trainees, she will answer these questions.

Maarten Vazquez – The Fan Model


Maarten Vazquez has been an entrepreneur and founder of digital agency Kemari for 10 years now. The starting point is that companies have customers and brands have fans. With Kemari, Maarten Vazquez and his team create leading digital brands that succeed online. Kemari always puts strategy at the core, because scoring is only possible if you all have the same goal in mind.

At De Talententuin, Maarten will tell about his Fan Model. How do you use this model to achieve your personal and professional goals? You’ll hear it all during his master class.

Henk-Jan Koershuis – The best loser


Author and (sports) nutritionist Henk-Jan Koershuis spreads his message about nutrition and exercise. A message that arrives. He worked for two years on his book: De Beste Verliezer, een Gouden Boodschap. He is one of Holland’s most requested speakers on this subject. An enthusiastic, down-to-earth Tukker with his own style. He spoke in front of over 30,000 people, ran the marathon within 3 hours and works with the best athletes in the world. He believes that what we see as a normal diet is still far from healthy.

Henk-Jan is also the owner of SportvoedingWebshop.com, the web store that has become Benelux market leader in endurance sports and healthy (functional) sports nutrition.

Koen Lohmann – Dream boss


Visualize your next career step.

As a young professional, you are looking for your next internship, graduation project or job. But how clear do you really know what you want and are looking for?

This masterclass will help you clarify this. So that eventually you can take the next step in your career in a more focused and conscious way.

How? Through drawing (Visual Thinking). A proven method that is fun and activating. But above all: a methodology that creates clarity.

And by the way: “being able to” draw is absolutely not a must for this masterclass! You will experience that you can do this too. Will you join us?

This masterclass is given by Koen Lohmann of Droombaas. He is a Visual Career Coach and helps ambitious employees who are stuck in their current job to get clear about what they really want.

Tim Vriesen


Tim Vriesen, a talented Talent Hacker working at Exite, will take you into the world of recruitment. In this masterclass Tim will share his knowledge and experience on talent management and interview processes.

During this masterclass you will get an exclusive insight behind the scenes at Exite, where Tim is responsible for talent recruitment and development. He plays a crucial role in ensuring that all colleagues, both newcomers and existing employees, are deployed in the right place, maximizing their full potential.

Tim will share insights on how to achieve this and what he specifically looks for during interview processes. You will learn the secrets of effective talent management and discover what traits and skills Tim considers important when selecting new team members.

This masterclass provides a unique opportunity to learn from Tim’s expertise and discover his valuable tips and strategies for attracting and developing talent. Whether you are interested in the interview process from an employer’s perspective, or are looking for valuable insights to enhance your chances yourself.

Little Rocket: Jelle Scholten – ChatGPT for job seekers and young professionals


Jelle Scholten is an Analytics Translator at Little Rocket | Firestarters in Data + Business. As Analytics Translator, he is tasked with setting up data analysis, science and engineering projects aimed at solving business challenges and seizing opportunities. By using data analytics and AI, he helps organizations realize value.

During the Talk, he will guide you through what ChatGPT is and how to properly use this tool and AI. Discover how AI & ChatGPT make things easier, take over repetitive tasks and can help you in your search for the ideal job.

Expat Center East Netherlands: Michelle Ekkelkamp – How to find a job in Twente


Michelle Ekkelkamp is Operations Manager with the Expat Center East Netherlands. Working with this organisation she and her team assist both companies and internationals with matters related to immigration formalities, housing and social events. The aim is to make Twente a region which is more open to internationals. We do this for example by assisting the companies with practical services and by informing international students about taking the next step after finishing their study. Finding a suitable job can be a challenge and as an international you should be well informed about official rules and regulations but also about the difference in culture when working with a Dutch company.

During the workshop Michelle will inform you on these topics, give you tips&tricks and can give advice on your personal situation.

Universiteit van Twente: Willeke Stukker – Pitching


Willeke Stukker is career counsellor at the University of Twente. At Career Services, part of the Centre for educational support (CES), they help students in making choices. Whether it concerns the choice for a master study or choosing a course in the orientation on future jobs. This often entails a lot of exploration, first of your personal profile and then of possible fitting options on the job market and how to find them. For Willeke nothing is more fun than young professionals being able to start their careers with confidence. Besides individual counseling, they also provide workshops about career skills.

In this interactive (English spoken) workshop ‘Pitching’ you will zoom in on a part of your CV or LinkedIn profile: the pitch! Can you describe in a few sentences who you are, what is driving you and what your future goal is? Quite a challenge, is my experience. That is why Willeke invites you to join this short introduction on how this can be done. Welcome!

Integrand: CV, Motivation letter & LinkedIn


Hey there! We are Integrand; the leading national student non-profit organization that connects students with top companies in the Netherlands. With 11 branches spread across every university city and a team of 130 dedicated board members, we’re always close by and ready to assist you.

Whether you’re seeking an internship, traineeship, student job, or a starting position, Integrand has got you covered. And we cater not only to university students but also to HBO students. But that’s not all! We also organize career events in collaboration with our partner companies. For example ‘Typisch Twents’, where we show students from the region what typical Twents companies have to offer. And not to forget: it’s totally free to register with us! 

At the Talententuin, we will offer you three different workshops that will assist you in your professional development and help you when applying for an internship, traineeship or job. These workshops entail: CV writing, crafting a compelling motivation letter, and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. These workshops are designed to equip you with the skills you need to stand out and land your dream job. Furthermore, to assist you as best we can, you’re welcome to bring your own CV or motivation letter, and we’ll provide you with personal advice. 

Don’t wait any longer and seize this opportunity to kickstart your career with Integrand! For more information you can check out our website: https://www.integrand.nl/en.

Hopefully we will see you during one of our workshops!

Integrand will be at the Talent Garden all day to give feedback on your CV. So don’t forget to bring your current CV and get it checked!


Connectors at De Talententuin: for internationals

Who We Are

At Jobseeqr, we’ve reinvented the traditional job board. We’re your innovative partner, committed to transforming the job search process. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to match developers with the ideal opportunities and employers with top tech talent. We’re passionate about streamlining recruitment in the tech industry and redefining career advancement.

For Developers

We connect your technical expertise with innovative companies across the Netherlands that are eager for your unique skills. Whether you’re a frontend wizard, a backend guru, or a full-stack pro, we help align your educational background and passions with exciting job opportunities. We showcase your profile automatically to potential companies searching for a developer with your specific talents and experience.

Join Us

Your success story in the tech world begins with Jobseeqr. Whether you’re a developer looking for the perfect tech job or an employer seeking top tech talent, we’re here to make the right connections and redefine your experience.

Talent Center Twente

Connectors at De Talententuin

Talent Center Twente is a non-profit organization that actively connects talent and companies in Twente. TCT helps to build your career!
During the Talent Garden connectors from the organization will be walking around to help you find a suitable company for your (graduation) internship or side job. If you are not quite sure which company suits you, where there are opportunities for you, or if you just want to talk to someone about your career: these three connectors, Tim, Annemarijn and Manon, will be there to help you!

Talent Center Twente is all about growth, connection and happiness. We connect talent and opportunities, facilitate where needed and create lasting relationships. Using personal attention as our driving force, we not only build careers but also close relationships between talents and companies. For us, it’s not about filling vacancies, but about creating long-term success and positive vibes in Twente!

Party DJ Silas & DJ Tim


De Talententuin is a network event in a festival setting. Party DJ Silas and DJ Tim will be present all day to make this a party together.

Cover band Polarized


During the networking drinks, cover band Polarized will be on stage. They will play music, varied from the 60s to music of today. You can surely sing along to most of the songs.